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​     Hi there! I'm Karissa. I live in Loveland, Colorado with my fiancé, Chase, my dog, Arrow, and my two rats, Butter and Toast. I've been passionate about photography since I moved from Southern California to Northern Colorado with my family in 2010. I took lots of art classes in high school, three of which being photography centric, and I've since been exploring this beautiful state photographing wildlife and nature. For a while, I decided to start focusing on portraiture because my brother asked if I would take his and his now wife's engagement photos. Of course, I said yes. After that I spent about 3 years capturing weddings, elopements, engagements and more, but never lost my true love for wildlife photography. So...I came crawling back. Though I truly appreciate the skills and knowledge I have been able to implement into my work during that time, I can honestly say I'm so incredibly excited to return to adventuring through and photographing nature!

-Birds, Snakes, Bugs, Foxes - I could possibly list all of the animals so I'll stop there

-Coffee. I LOVE cinnamon, so that's usually the flavor I go for. My go-to at home brew is Green Mountain blueberry coffee with french vanilla creamer. So tasty.

-Rocks and Minerals - I have a whole display case full of them!

-Lemon Desserts - well, let's be honest, any desserts.

-Music, of course

-True Crime and D&D Podcasts

-Family and Friends!


other things I enjoy


my favorite person in the whole world!

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