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-Birds, Snakes, Bugs, Foxes - I could possibly list all of the animals so I'll stop there

-Coffee. I LOVE cinnamon, so that's usually the flavor I go for. I actually just bought one that's Blueberry flavor and oh my goodness it is tasty as heck.

-Rocks and Minerals

-Lemon Desserts - well, let's be honest, any desserts.

-Family and Friends!


Other things I enjoy

​     Hi there! I'm Karissa. I live in Loveland, Colorado with my boyfriend, Chase, my dog, Arrow, and my two rats, Butter and Toast. I love to try new things and travel so I'll go anywhere to capture your special moments! I've been passionate about photography since I moved to Colorado with my family in 2010. I took lots of art classes in high school, three of which being photography centric, and I've since been exploring this beautiful state photographing wildlife and nature, which you can take a look at in my portfolio! I decided to start focusing on portraiture because my brother asked if I would take his and his now wife's engagement photos. Of course, I said yes. I cherish getting the opportunity to capture their love and deliver them something that would enchant their hearts forever. The rest is history! I've been spending countless hours every day learning as much as possible and working incredibly hard at improving my craft so I can deliver the same warmth and happiness to, well, everyone! Let's get together for coffee and chat about your life, I can't wait to discuss the memories I can capture for you!

I look forward to working with you!


the most recent photo of me


my favorite person in the whole world!

self portraits by yours truly

          Chase and I started our journey as co-workers a few years ago and became friends in 2019. After that, in January 2020, we joined forces as roommates! In late February 2020, we confessed our mutual crush and began dating - though not the most conventional start to a relationship, I must admit, I love it all the same. I can honestly say I can't remember a time when I was happier. Chase helps me see the positive in all situations and feel love in all moments! We laugh and joke together, support and care for each other, and that's what I adore capturing for other couples. Pure, authentic, unique happiness.

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